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The purpose of this page is to highlight the volunteer firefighters of the newengineroom1 Ringgold Fire Company, the company’s capabilities, and the activities that the firefighters participate in. I plan on including a firefighter of the month on this page as well as any awards/recognition that the fire company receives from fire conventions and competitions within the community. Hopefully, it will provide interesting information to the local community about our fire company.

Awards From Conventions and Competitions


All Tropies


All Tropies

6/22/2018 Award


6/23/2018 Award 1

Hose & Barrel

6/23/2018 Award 2




2018 Line Officers – Job Descriptions

55-00 Chief Joe Caracappa Jr.

Fire Fighter Of The Month
Joseph S. Caracappa Jr.
Fire Chief

Our current Fire Chief is Joseph S.
Caracappa Jr. He joined the fire company
as a junior member in 1990 and
became a senior member in 1996.
He worked his way up the chain of command
to ultimately become the current Fire Chief.
He enjoys helping the community by
coordinating the fire protection services
that are offered by the fire company to
the local community and being an important
part of these activities. The duties of
his position are outlined in
the link at the top of this table.
Additionally, he is PA State Fire
Fighter I certified. In his
spare time, he enjoys hunting and fishing.

55-01 Asst. Chief Chris Eckeroth
55-02 Asst. Chief John Caracappa
55-90 Chief Eng. Chad Niefert
55-91 Foreman Christian Alexis
55-92 Foreman Dave Fessler Jr.
55-93 Foreman Zac Halye
55-94 Foreman DJ Teter

Videos of New Ringgold Fire Company Fire Apparatus

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