The following is a list of yearly events that are currently scheduled for 2019. These events may be updated throughout the year, so feel free to come back and look for newly planned events. In order to find a description of the event, please select a menu item from the drop down Events menu.

  • Mackeral Breakfast
  • Joe Dabashinsky
  • Jesse Wade
  • Saint Patty’s Day Celebration
  • Chinese Auction
  • Fire Company Fundraiser
  • Jessica Rose Music
  • Adult Toy Bingo
  • Merely Players
  • Cody Wiley Music
  • Bike Run
  • June Oldies Dance
  • Bike Night
  • Block Party
  • Hose and Barrel Competition
  • Jim Birdsall Acoustics
  • Fall Gun Drawing
  • Dance – Fat Cats
  • Jerimiah James Band
  • Rebekah Leigh
  • Jesse Wade Band
  • Turkoise Halloween
  • Afterthought Acoustic Duo Debut
  • Meat and Seafood Raffle
  • Thanksgiving Sale
  • 8:17 Band Thanksgiving Eve Party
  • Hunter’s Day Special
  • Tommy Dee Acoustics


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